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For fun, to provide mental stimulation, to help alleviate boredom, focus the mind and replace the food dish (especially good for dogs who finish eating in 10 seconds flat!)

  • Build Confidence and Drive

    You are not teaching your dog to find food; they already know how to do that. You are building the desire to use their natural abilities without any prompting or input from you!!

  • Give your dog a job

    Let your dog have fun using his or her amazing sense of smell. Great game for providing mental stimulation when you don't have time to train. You can play this game with older dogs, with dogs on activity restrictions and with any dog that needs to burn off excess energy.

  • Be amazed

    We humans are often disappointed in our dogs; they do all sorts of doggy things that we don't like. Let's turn that around. Watch your dog engage in an activity that you could never replicate and get a glimpse of the amazing in your dog!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to 'Get Yer Treats'

    • How to navigate through this course

    • Know Your Dog

    • Watch two experienced dogs enjoying the game outside

  • 02

    Let's Train: Building Hunt Drive

    • Getting Started

    • Get Yer Treats - Layer 1

    • Video: Layer 1 - Finding treats on the ground

    • Get Yer Treats - Layers 2-3

    • Video: Layer 2 - 3 - Increase the number of treats, distance thrown, distance apart and add a cue

    • Get Yer Treats - Layer 4

    • Video: Layer 4 - Increase the search area size

  • 03

    Lets Train: Grow the Game

    • Get Yer Treats - Layer 5

    • Video: Layer 5 - Increase the difficulty of the search

    • Get Yer Treats - Layer 6

    • Video: Layer 6 - Hide the treats out of sight

    • Get Yer Treats - Layer 7

    • Video: Layer 7 - Grow the Game

  • 04

    Lets Train: Making Meal Time Fun

    • Get Yer Treats - Layer 8

    • Video: Layer 8 - Let's make meal time fun (find your Kong or other food stuffed toy)

    • Video: Layer 8 - Experienced dogs playing this game at meal time

    • Get Yer Treats - Layer 9

    • Video: Layer 9 - Let's make meal time more fun (scatter treats around the yard or house)

  • 05

    Additional Resources

    • Other ideas for teaching your dog to sniff out food

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