What does it take to have a confident puppy?

  • Keep it positive

    Each time you introduce your puppy to something novel, whether it is a different person, a new location, or an object not seen before, that experience must be fun for your puppy. Always go at your puppy’s pace. Let your puppy initiate each approach and allow your puppy to retreat as needed to feel safe.

  • Lots of variety

    The best time to introduce your puppy to the world is before the age of 16 weeks but even after 16 weeks, it is important to keep introducing your puppy to a variety of new people, places and things in a way that will help your puppy be confident and unafraid around the novel experiences that will be encountered throughout your puppy’s life.

  • Attend puppy class

    Puppy class is a great place to learn how to teach your puppy that: • The world isn’t a scary place • My person is fun! • Training is fun! • Impulse control around food • How to relax

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